Cheese to die for

"With the amount of cheese shops around picking the right one can be tricky so I can definitely recommend the Hunter Belle Cheese Room. These cheeses are made right here in the Hunter with milk produced by Swiss Brown cows owned by the cheese makers themselves.
The flavoured cheeses are amazing!!"

-Michelle P - Trip Advisor



Our only ‘Raw Milk’ cheese, BelleROAR is a semi hard cooked curd cheese with a natural rind. Using unpasteurised milk, but cooking the curd, gives it a bold, bitey, complex flavour. This intense cheese has a sweet aroma with a mild nutty taste.


Soft Cheese

Camembelle is our Camembert style cheese. Enriched by an earthy, mushroom flavour that intensifies as it ages. Brown Swiss cows milk makes this a creamier camembert than most whilst being bold in taste. With a subtle rind this cheese is best eaten ripe, and has the perfect consistency for baking.


Soft Cheese

Briebelle is our Triple Cream style Brie. Unlike many brie's which can often be quite bland, this cheese bursts with a wonderful salty, grassy, mushroomy flavour and aroma with a buttery texture. Our Triple Cream Briebelle will melt in your mouth with a rich lingering flavour.

Black Magic

Soft Cheese

Black Magic is unique to Hunter Belle, a decadent triple cream brie with a centre of black fermented garlic. The resulting taste is completely magnificent and delicious - sweet meets savoury, a hint of reduced balsamic vinegar with subtle garlic undertones.


Soft Cheese

Goldenbelle is our Washed Rind Style cheese. With more body and flavour than a camembert it's still delightfully creamy. Goldenbelle is often known as the “stinky cheese” although the resulting flavour is actually more mild than the aroma suggests and is delightfully complex.

Blue Moon

Semi-hard Blue

Blue Moon is a semi-hard mild blue vein cheese. The thick rind helps the cheese retain moisture and keep out oxygen, creating a smooth and creamy texture and sweet flavour. A cross between a cheddar and a soft blue, Blue Moon is a perfect 'beginner blue' and works beautifully when paired with a sweet jam or wine.


Hard Cheese

Cheddarbelle is a 9month old handmade cheddar. For a young cheddar it has a wise flavour profile. It has a wonderful texture and is a little crumbly. The flavour is pleasantly sharp but also rich and creamy with a touch of barnyard at the end. The sharp taste lingers on the palate long after the cheese is gone.

Herb & Garlic Fetabelle

Marinated Feta

Marinated Fetabelle is our award winning Feta cheese marinated in an extra virgin olive oil blend with Italian Herbs and Garlic. Delightfully creamy whilst firm enough to crumble the cheese is salty and full of flavour. It is well preserved and will last for many months while it is under the oil.

Lemon Pepper Fetabelle

Marinated Feta

Marinated in an extra virgin olive oil blend with zesty Lemon Pepper. Delightfully creamy whilst firm enough to crumble the cheese is salty and full of flavour. It is well preserved and will last for many months while it is under the oil.


Yoghurt Cheese

Labelle is a Labna style yoghurt cheese which has a very smooth texture. It is complimented by the fresh flavours of lemon- pepper in an olive oil blend. Thick, slightly salty and tangy this cheese is wonderfully rich and creamy.

Ol Smokey

Hard Cheese

Ol’ Smokey is our cold smoked vintage cheddar. Using Applewood bark the result is a rich, sweet, intensely smokey cheese. The cheddar evolves into a creamy, delicate texture with a complex palate. Perfect with a glass of red wine enjoying the deep flavours and smells of this great cheese.

Smokey BBQ Cheddar

Club Cheddar

Our newest addition to the cheddar range, this crumbly, handmade club cheddar cheese is packed with real bacon pieces and cold smoked cheddar.

Beer Cheese

Club Cheddar

A crumbly handmade club cheddar cheese infused with Angry Man Pale Ale from Murray’s Brewery in the Hunter. The combination produces a bitter, hoppy cheddar cheese with a delightfully creamy texture. This unique cheese is not just a novelty, but a punchy quality cheddar cheese.

Hot & Spicy Mexicana

Club Cheddar

Hot & Spicy Mexicana is a club cheddar packed full of flavour. The crumbly cheese has taco inspired spices at the front with a big chili kick at the back and is great paired with an ice cold beer on a hot summers day. Try crumbling over your favourite Mexican dishes for an extra kick.

Cranberry & Pistachio Cheddar

Club Cheddar

A crumbly handmade club cheddar cheese paired with sweet and crunchy flavours of cranberries and crushed pistachio kernels. Unlike many ‘fruit cheeses’, Cranberry & Pistachio Cheddar is well balanced and not overly sweet - the cheddar is still recognisable in this pairing.

Caramelised Onion & Thyme Cheddar

Club Cheddar

A crumbly, handmade club cheddar cheese packed with sweet caramelised onion and balanced with savoury notes of Thyme. It is a Gold medal winner at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Awards and is the most popular of the club cheddar range.

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